Oltre Suite

The Oltre Suite Suite is an integratedcloud offer, ideal for managing all the aspects linked with staff working hours and safety, which: staff attendance and absence management, access control, production data collection and shift management. It is an innovative offer, aimed at mobile collaborators too, that can be accessed by any authorized user from anywhere.

It is a Suite with a wealth of functions that adapts to companies and bodies of any sector and size, and is a powerful, full tool available to the entire company.

Each application in the Suite is natively integrated with the other applications. Oltre has a single database so that integrated processes can be built, according to the client’s needs. The single database ensures full integration of the various software modules, thus allowing optimization of processes and simplicity in obtaining information that is required when needed.

The information is made available at various company levels according to a detailed, highly customizable system that visualizes the workforce, grouped data and specific reporting.

The interface, which is common to all the applications, is particularly intuitive and efficient; it s developed with the aim of simplifying times and modes of use as far as possible. All the services are in cloud in a unique dashboard.

The Oltre Suite can be used anywhere and from any device: terminal, PC, tablet or smartphone.

It is also Cloud, Web, Mobile… designed for your company!
New app coming soon!

App for PCs, tablets and smartphones to manage all your activities from wherever you want.

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With Oltre your company is just a click away!