Cloud Shift Management

It organizes your workers’ shifts in an excellent manner.

ico-sfera-oltre-97x97 Shift Management

It is Performing

Thanks to its flexibility and multiple functions, it is possible to create work plans depending on people’s and the company’s different needs: the contractual obligations, homogeneity in allocating work among the workers, the service to be guaranteed to company activities etc.


The powerful calculation engine allows efficient, rapid and economic organization of shifts. A powerful, trusted ally for all sectors: hospitals, manufacturing companies, call centers, mass distribution, airports, supervision bodies, etc.


Shift Management, an optional part of the suite, shares the same database as Oltre: shift data is automatically processed in real time, by the attendance management software.

Simple and Efficient

It is extremely intuitive and simple to use. It allows rational, homogeneous organization of work shifts, reducing the request for overtime and workers on call, allowing the company to save on management time and costs considerably.

Real Time

Shift Management calculate data in real time. It allows the Human Resources Department to monitor and solve any problems that may cause a change in planned shifts quickly and efficiently.


Heads of departments or appointed managers can monitor workers’ shift sheets in real time in just a few clicks. By viewing the shift plan, it is possible to check attendances/absences on the shift, replacing staff, changing shifts, managing justifications for absences and lots more too!

Always with you

Shift Management is Cloud: it can be used at any time, anywhere and with any device.

It simplifies shift management. It plans staff activities precisely.

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